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At Creative Learning & Smart Solutions (CLASS) Academics, we recognize that every student is unique. Our caring team of educators are here to support each student through a customized, engaging, and meaningful learning experience.

CLASS Academics is more than just a tutoring center. Instead, we offer specialized academic instruction because we are sensitive to each learner’s needs and learning style.

Our dedicated team utilizes a unique blend of research-based instruction, multi-sensory teaching techniques, and innovative methods in our lessons.

Through all of these rich elements, you will see that your child can successfully thrive at CLASS Academics.


Every child can learn,
just not on
the same day,
or in the same way.

— George Evans


Our Services

CLASS Academics will create a customized learning plan based on your child’s needs.

We provide one-to-one instruction to the following age groups during the school year:
- early childhood
- elementary school
- middle school
- high school

Our teachers offer the following academic support:
- tutoring / homework help
- remedial services
- enrichment
- summer learning
- study skills
- executive functioning / organizational skills

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Our Methods

Our instruction and methods are determined based on your child’s needs and interests. It’s important to our teachers that your child receive a customized, engaging, and meaningful approach to learning.

The learning experienced at CLASS Academics goes beyond the memorization of facts. Our teaching is systematic and sequential, making it easier for students to develop a strong understanding for the skills learned. We strive to lay a strong foundation for our students.

We implement the following methods:
- research-based instruction
- multi-sensory teaching techniques
- innovative and creative teaching techniques
- technology, when appropriate

We utilize technology in our lessons, but our lessons are not technology-driven. We believe that the interaction between teacher and student is very powerful and cannot be replaced by computers and tablets. 

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Our Team of Talented Educators

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Happy Students. Happy Parents.


Every child is gifted.
They just unwrap their packages at different times.